We are in a nationwide abortion care crisis. Decades of the Hyde Amendment, and now abortion bans, fall hardest on Black, Indigenous, and people of color. We refuse to compromise or settle. 

Our fundamental rights are at stake, and voters are paying close attention.  

Every time abortion has been on the ballot, voters have made it clear that the freedom to control our bodies and our futures is something we can all unite around.  

The time is now to make our voices heard. Commit today to vote in your primary and this November to secure a future where abortion is affordable and available for anyone who needs it. 

Demand bold action from all candidates running for office, whether it be for the White House or city council. We need their commitment to not only fight back against abortion bans, but to show us their vision for abortion justice.   

It’s going to take all of us. Pledge today to be an Abortion Justice Voter.