All* In Action Fund is a catalyst for abortion justice, committed to building the political power of people of color working to make ends meet.

Our vision is to hold elected officials and candidates accountable so that we have bold solutions that ensure abortion care is there for anyone who needs it.

We believe in the power of women of color, young people, immigrants, and LGBTQ folks – in the streets, at work, and at the ballot box. Our communities deserve a generation of bold leaders who will fight for a future with abortion justice.

How we do it

We are:

Strategy AcceleratorsStrategy Accelerators
We build momentum and power by sharing tools, resources and expertise with national, state and local partners.

Narrative ShiftersNarrative Shapers
We shift culture, narrative and public perceptions on issues of abortion.

Policy Movers
We move proactive abortion policy at the local, state and federal levels.

Network Builders
We bring partners together to build strength within and across movements.


Action Fund Staff

Nourbese Flint


Nourbese is President of All* In Action Fund, leading the organization’s work to achieve abortion justice and build the political power of voters of color.  She previously served as Vice President of Strategy.

Prior to coming to All* Above All, she was the Senior Director of Black Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she worked on the strategic partnership to strengthen Planned Parenthood’s relationships within existing racial justice, reproductive justice, Black serving and civil rights organizations. 

Before coming east, Nourbese served as the founding Executive Director of Black Women for Wellness Action Project, the first Black women’s reproductive justice 501c4 organization in the country, and successfully led campaign efforts to get progressive candidates into office. She also served as policy director and led civic engagement efforts for Black Women for Wellness Action Project’s sister organization, Black Women for Wellness. 

Nourbese is a founding member of Trust Black Women, a national coalition dedicated to increasing respect and support of Black Women, and is one of the founding members of the Black Women’s Democratic Club. She has been featured inMSNBC, CalMatters, Newsweek, and more.  

Bianca Jyotishi


Bianca started at All* Above All in October 2021, creating c3 to c4 pipeline projects, collaborating with our c4 state partners, and pushing candidates to be bold on abortion. Now, as the Associate Director of Political Strategies, Bianca is continuing to build the political landscape needed for abortion justice. Prior to All*, she led the grassroots community engagement initiatives around reproductive justice and voter engagement in AAPI communities in Georgia.

After a day of political analysis, Bianca loves to experiment with new recipes, play with her two cats, and listen to old school Bollywood songs.

Morgan Hopkins


Morgan Hopkins is a strategic advisor to All* In Action Fund. She has more than a decade of experience in the field of abortion rights and justice, with expertise in grassroots organizing, policy, coalition-building, and political strategy.  

She has served as All* In Action Fund’s President, Interim Executive Director of Campaigns and Strategies, and Political Strategies Director. During her tenure, Morgan has been dedicated to building and strengthening partnerships, moving bold, innovative policy initiatives, shaping narrative, and building cross-movement support for access to abortion care.  

She is a frequent commentator in the media on politics and abortion rights and has been featured in outlets like Vox, USA Today, and Politico.  

Steering Committee

Yvonne Gutierrez

Chief Strategy Officer, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Alison Turkos

Advocate and Activist