Statement on VP Debate

Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“Senator Kaine showed that he can be both a man of deep commitment to his faith and someone who respects and supports a woman’s personal decision-making about abortion. In contrast, Governor Pence’s statements and record make clear that he is on board with Donald Trump’s extreme agenda of punishing women who have abortions, including, for example, the Hyde Amendment which pushes women into poverty and forces 1 in 4 poor women seeking abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.”

“We saw a stark contrast between Hillary Clinton’s policy agenda that has centered women’s lives and health, and the Trump campaign that insults women at every turn. From offensive statements to harsh policies, Trump and Pence have only doubled-down on their agenda of punishment, judgement, and taking away healthcare from women who need it.

“A new poll shows that battleground voters don’t think a woman should be denied abortion coverage just because she’s poor. Pence and Trump need a wake-up call: this is 2016 and women need more access to health care, not less.”


All* Above All Action Fund is the first reproductive justice effort that builds political power to lift bans that deny abortion coverage. Our vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it.