Presidential Candidates Talk Abortion – All* Above All Action Fund Responds

Tonight Americans watched the final Presidential debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The debate included an exchange in which both candidates discussed their respective positions on abortion.

Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund, issued the following statement in response:

“Tonight Secretary Clinton talked about abortion in the context of women’s lives: the personal decisions women make and the barriers and struggles they face. This is exactly the conversation we need to be having about abortion in this country, one which is rooted in women’s experiences. As we know, one of the harshest remaining barriers to abortion—one that visits untold harm on low-income women—is the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment pushes women into poverty and forces 1 in 4 poor women seeking abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

“We must elect leaders who will make the promise of Roe a reality. No one should be denied coverage for abortion just because she’s poor, a sentiment shared by battleground voters in states like Nevada.”


In a letter to potential supporters, Presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled his anti-abortion agenda, which includes defunding Planned Parenthood and making permanent the Hyde Amendment, which bans insurance coverage for abortion for women enrolled in Medicaid. More information on the Hyde Amendment is available in this recent Cosmo piece written by Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund.

All* Above All Action Fund is the first reproductive justice effort that builds political power to lift bans that deny abortion coverage. Our vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it.