Destiny Lopez, All* Above All Action Fund, Responds to Senator Tim Kaine and Recent Statements on the Hyde Amendment

For Immediate Release:

Statement by Destiny Lopez, co-director, All* Above All Action Fund on recent statements by Senator Tim Kaine on his support for the Hyde Amendment, which restricts Medicaid insurance from covering abortion:

“Senator Kaine’s most recent statement supporting the Hyde Amendment is disappointing and disconcerting. Yet, we’re hopeful that he remains true to previous statements by campaign spokespeople affirming his support for the Democratic Party platform, which includes a call to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

“I hope Senator Kaine will come to recognize, as Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has, that bans on abortion coverage are bad policy, bad politics, and that voters are paying attention. We’ll keep working towards a day when Sen. Kaine will publicly join those working across the country to lift this policy that can mean the difference between getting the abortion care they need and being denied that care.”


All* Above All Action Fund is the first reproductive justice effort that builds political power to lift bans that deny abortion coverage.

This year, candidates along the campaign trail have been taking strong stands against abortion coverage bans, including Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton.  And for the first time, the platform of the Democratic Party reflects an unprecedented commitment to lifting abortion coverage bans.