Ahead of Pivotal Election, New Polling Shows Men of Color Prioritize Abortion Access

FOR RELEASE: May 21, 2024  

Contact: Alexa Garcia-Ditta, alexa@conwaystrategic.com   

Ahead of Pivotal Election, New Polling Shows Men of Color Prioritize Abortion Access    

Washington, D.C. – Today, All* In Action Fund released new polling that evaluates men of color’s attitudes about abortion access and finds that the majority of them support and prioritize it as a voting issue.   

Conducted by HIT Strategies, the poll finds that more than 8 in 10 men of color believe that support for abortion access is important in their decision about who to vote for, with 46% of those saying the issue is very important to their vote. A closer examination of Sun Belt, Rust Belt voters, undecided voters, and voters who are unsure if they will vote this November shows they are just as supportive.   

Months before a critical election in which abortion promises to be a deciding issue for many voters, the new data presents opportunities to engage men of color – particularly voters who support abortion access but might be less likely to vote.  

“For too long, people of color’s votes have been taken for granted,” said Nourbese Flint, President, All* In Action Fund. “Now, with abortion playing a key role in the upcoming election, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only define what we are against, but to push toward a future that is inclusive of the communities that are left behind by our current systems. Our research shows that men of color are increasingly prioritizing abortion – now it’s on us to prioritize their voices and galvanize their support to have meaningful conversations and engage them in the fight for abortion access. We’re All* In, and that means we’re committed to creating political movements that include all of us, particularly the communities who face the greatest disenfranchisement.”  

“Men of color overwhelmingly support access to abortion, and their votes will be critical to electing candidates who protect reproductive rights,” said Terrance Woodbury, CEO and Founding Partner of HIT Strategies.Men of color often think of themselves as tacit supporters of abortion rights, but have the potential to become active change-makers. This presents a major opportunity to mobilize men of color to take an active role in voting for abortion rights supporters this November.” 

Two years after the Supreme Court deepened the abortion care crisis, voters have expressed anger and frustration with the landscape and are motivated to make their voices heard. Between now and November, All* In Action Fund plans to reach over 1 million voters through various channels, and turn out 300,000 low-frequency voters in battleground states, prioritizing voters of color in Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Via traditional canvassing, phone calls, and text message campaigns, All* In Action Fund will engage voters in meaningful conversation about abortion, as well as economic security and a healthy democracy – all of which are central to people’s freedom.  

“The fight for abortion is often framed as a ‘women’s issue’ but this is about all of us,” said Donovan Atterberry, Ohio State Manager at New Voices for Reproductive Justice. “When my wife needed an abortion, what mattered was that I could support her in getting the care she needed. When it comes to our fundamental freedoms, men can listen, engage, and support the people in our lives to make the decisions that are best for them. The more people we have raising their voices for abortion access, the stronger our movement.”      

“Black communities experience some of the most significant disparities in our healthcare and political systems,” said Darryl Banks, Co-founder and Principal at P68. That’s why it’s crucial for us to stand against political interference in health care decisions. Building political power for abortion access requires all of us, including Black men. Together, we have the power through our votes to champion people’s freedom over their lives and make it clear that this issue impacts all of us.” 

Anti-abortion politicians in 21 states have banned abortion and enacted barrier after barrier to care. With medical students choosing not to train in states with abortion bans, health care providers leaving states that restrict care, and two more Supreme Court decisions this summer that could further decimate access, anti-abortion politicians have deepened a health care crisis that falls hardest on people of color and those working to make ends meet. By centering the voices of those most impacted by abortion bans, All* In Action Fund is building the next generation of abortion justice voters.   


All* In Action Fund is a catalyst for abortion justice, committed to building the political power of people of color working to make ends meet.  


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